New Balance M 1500 UCT Urban Peak made in England

The New Balance Urban Peak collection invites you to take a tour of the muddy terrain.

It highlights 3 lifestyle models (NB1500, NB575, NB577) breathing trail. The 1989

model stands out clearly from the other 2. In terms of contrast, the New Balance

1500 Urban Peak has nothing to envy to a Color Prisma or a Yard. The power of the

model made in England is based on a mix of a dark shade and bright colors: New Balance M 1500 UCT Urban Peak (made in England). The black serves as an optimal visibility to its yellow heel, its red tongue and

the blue mudguard. The “Five Point Flying” on the Encap sole does not escape the

retina. The New Balance M1500UCT differs from other running shoes designed in Flimby

by the presence of Cordura. This durable material is mixed with leather and premium


You can buy it for 170€ at New : see the pair. Photos: Kicks PT,

@iamraynegron, New Balance 1500 Gang & Foot Patrol Model: New Balance M1500

SKU: M1500UCT Color: Black/Blue Price: 170€

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